As your midwife, I AM your care provider. I will see you monthly until 30 weeks, then every other week until 36 weeks, then weekly until the baby is born. Our visits will include one on one discussion of what is going on in your pregnancy and with the baby as well as what things you need to be doing to prepare for the birth of your baby. I will do a physical assessment at each visit of you and baby and will help you to stay on track for a healthy pregnancy and birth. All visits will be in your home.

During your birth, I will continually assess how you and your baby are handling the labor. My role is to help you put into practice what we have talked about in the prenatal appointments. I offer homeopathic and herbal remedies if I feel they are indicated. If you decide to hire a doula as additional labor support, I can recommend some good doulas to you before your birth. I do very few vaginal exams when you are in labor and you will usually have to ask for a vaginal exam while pregnant. We will have worked on Optimal Fetal Positioning before you go into labor so that your baby will be in a good position to come through the birth canal. You or your partner can "catch" the baby if you desire. At the moment of birth, I assess the baby for appropriate transitioning to becoming an air breathing human and I assess you for abnormal bleeding and appropriate transitioning to becoming a new mother. I won't leave your side until I know you and your baby are stable and then I am usually just around the corner while you nurse and bond. My assistant or I will make sure you have a light, healthy meal as you have just worked very hard to birth your baby. We will then start to clean up any mess and make sure you have what you need in the immediate postpartum period nearby.

After the birth, I will come to your house for all postpartum visits to assess your health and recuperation from the birth and to assess your baby's health and growth. I am always a phone call away if you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding, newborn care, or what you may be experiencing emotionally or physically.


I have birth pools for rent for those desiring a water birth.

I also offer placenta encapsulation and can make you a placenta tincture to use after the placenta capsules have been used. If you are interested in consuming your placenta in other ways or having a print made with your placenta, let me know.

I offer belly binding postpartum to help you feel like you are getting your muscle tone back to pre-pregnancy fitness.

I also can do intrauterine inseminations (IUI) for those who need help becoming pregnant.

Please call 804-382-8222 to find out more information about fees or to schedule an interview.

"If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life.

For that is where our deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation-or love and trust."
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